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The beginning of furniture manufacturing in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina dates from 1st January 1954 when "Buducnost" Company was founded.

Apart from the production of upholstered, massive and panelled furniture, "Buducnost" Company has been developing its trade network and has grown into a leading company of this region (Western Balkan).

By accumulating tradition and experience of available experts and workers a brand existing as Nova Forma was developed as of 1997. The production has been rafined by new production processes of:
- sawing of logs,
- manufacture of chairs, tables and other furniture from massive furniture programme,
- manufacture of panelled furniture,
- manufacture of upholstered furniture and mattresses,
- manufacture of glass furniture in combination with wood and metal,
- manufacture of windshields and construction glass.

Nova Forma d.o.o. has got appr. 620 employees. Most of the production programme is intended for export, while the rest of the production programme is sold at 14 retail shops of the Company located biger cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nova Forma

NOVA FORMA d.o.o. Cara Dušana 45, 76230 Šamac, RS, BiH
Tel: +387 (0)54 / 612 253, fax: +387 (0)54 / 620 101

NOVA FORMA d.o.o. Dobanovačka 56, 11080 Zemun, Beograd
Tel/Fax: +381 (0)11 /257 1062

NOVA FORMA d.o.o. Vukovarska 2, 32270 Županja
Tel: +385 (0)32 / 834 002

NOVA FORMA Bútoripari Kft H-6725 Szeged, Textilgyári út 3.
Tel: +36 (0)62 / 540 152, fax: +36 (0)62 / 540 153


+387 54 620121

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